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We are a bunch of Back Benchers! We were always good with creative excuses, and today that helps us come up with creative ideas. Imagine, we were those people who finished the whole portion in one night. And that's why deadlines don’t scare us one bit.

About Ad Set Go

About Ad Set Go

Ad Set Go is a team of young, passionate and quirky individuals ready to take on the industry, helping brands to catch their audience’s eye. Our various marketing mechanisms and thorough market research, helps ensure that you get everything your brand needs to stir the digital pot & build strong revenue generating brand affinity.

Our Services

Our Services

Digital and Content Marketing

When stuck in traffic, how many times do you check out billboards and how many times do you check your phone! That's why we say, The PHONE IS SMARTER THAN THE BILLBOARD!


The customer is in control here and you need to appeal to that one sweet spot that connects to them on a personal level. Branding is a particularily difficult task, although it gets fairly easy with us working on it.

Web Development

A good digital marketing strategy isn’t good enough until the web page is not attractive. Your website is like your baby and we take the responsibility to nurture it and develop it into a website that instantly catches the eye.

Video Marketing

A picture speaks a thousand words, a video… Well, videos don't need metaphors. Convey your brand message clear as day with high definition videos that speak on behalf of your brand.


Google's second page is good to hide dead bodies. Our expertise is amazing at choosing the appropriate keywords, create unique content and ensure to make your presence visible on top of every search engine.

Influencer Marketing

We strategize creative opportunities for our influencers to become advocates with brands they love.


We add values to your ADs


We get your brand SET to capture your audience


Your brand is now ready to GO!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Out of all the advertising mediums, WORD-OF-MOUTH is the most effective medium ever! Your favourite brand is your favourite because you were consciously or subconsciously influenced by someone, be it someone close to you or someone you look up to. That is the power of Influencer Marketing.

Click to become an Influencer


Influencer Marketing is the informal passing of messages about your company and products through networks of friends, families, co-workers, celebrities and so on.


It gives you an amazing control on social media as compared to other platforms of marketing by influencing your target audience on a broader spectrum, but also measure your reach using various tools. You get the best, fastest and the most satisfying result that fit your budget when we do it for you.


We are among those people who have their own community and can build brand awareness, establish long-term relationships, both with other influencers and the audience, Introduce followers to new products and/or services and convince people to take a deeper dive into your brand.

Our Process

Our Process

  • Analysis

    We sit with you to understand what your company needs and how to go about achieving it, over a cup of coffee.
  • Homework

    We stay up late at night, doing an in-depth research about your company, it's TG and competitor activities.
  • Brainstorm

    The team gets together to ideate over a game-plan that goes well with your brand needs. The Old Monk may or may not be involved.
  • Plan-of-Approach

    We finalize strategies and come up with unique approach to attain audience engagement and reach.
  • Approval

    We get the green-light to implement the plan!
  • Execution

    And the race begins!
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Our Clients

Our Clients

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49/386 1st Floor, Motilal Nagar, MG Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400062

phone: +919665891000


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