Now Streaming on Netflix: Started from the bottom now we’re here

Introduction: Does Netflix really need one?

What did “Sab mar jayengey bas Trivedi bachega” mean? If you haven’t been bombarded with Sacred Games thoughts lately, you need to pay your Netflix subscription ASAP. Because it doesn’t encourage “My Netflix is my Netflix, none of your Netflix” code. It gives the vintage “Hum Saath Chaar Hai” college project feels where everyone binges credit on one’s account.

“A lot of people think, ‘Well, my parents would never use Netflix.” ‘Well, you probably once said your parents would never use Facebook and here we are, being embarrassed by good morning statuses every morning.

The Netflix Effect:

Netflix has a proven track record of people losing track of time, just like appearing for an exam. It also leaves us droopy to find out what happens next. If you’ve faced this dilemma too, welcome to the “Netflix Effect”. Thank you for introducing us to the world of binge-watching, Netflix.

Netflix and Psychology:

It’s 2 a.m. You look at your study material laying on your desk — one paper due tomorrow, four chapters to read, — yet in front of you a Netflix timer counts down the seconds before the next episode. 3.. 2..1…It’s only one more episode.

Am I merely reacting to my years upon years of training to wait for my weekly reward, or is there something valuable lost in the binge? An hour of commercial-free entertainment is our weekend getaway prize, and we’ve been trained to steady our appetite until it arrives.

Netflix and Chill, a great conversation starter, the most popular medium for indoor recreation adds positivity to our weekend blues.

Netflix and Censor board

If CBFC is Padmaavat(I), Netflix is Sacred Games.

Sacred Games looks like the hero we deserve for the Indian market because that highlights the beauty of cinema – raw, uncensored and unadulterated. 

The desire to break free from the chains of censorship which have stifled originality in Bollywood is right in the feels.

Could you ever imagine this kind of explicit language in Indian Cinema? The answer is as obvious as Rahul not winning in the next elections! (Naam toh suna hi hoga)

Netflix- Bigger than the big screen?

Netflix focuses on the creative freedom in every aspect of cinema, be it dialogues, gruesome physical violence, nudity, sex or controversial political references.

It is the tremendous freedom, broader reach and no censor board breathing down their necks which is attracting filmmakers and cinema watchers to video streaming spaces, which has hit the right chord with Indians.

With the future being persuasive, gone are the days where “chill” meant outdoor activities in the natural world beyond the screen and the front door. Just like “Amazon and chill”, such ideas no longer exists.

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