Planning your next job? Here are top 3 technology trends you should know!

As Linkedin did in 2013, they just released a list of 25 popular job skills employers are searching for.

We tried to compare these to spot some higher level trends for software professionals.

(TL;DR: note the green items below – they are red hot right now!)


So, here are the trends:

Cloud+Data juggernaut keeps rolling: Cloud is growing and the data deluge continues, firing up the demand for skilll in storage systems, data mining and data analytics areas.
Web/Mobile development stays in high demand: The skills that make the web functional, accessible and beautiful remain in the top 15. No surprises there.
Programming languages witnessing a demand shuffle: Traditional languages such a C/C++ and Java are NOT growing at all. On the other hand, web oriented languages such as Ruby, PHP, JavaScript continue going strong.
We tried to verify this with HasJob, a startup oriented job platform in India and found the trends to be very much in line:

Cloud, data science, machine learning remain popular job themes.
The demand for web related technology skills (such as Django, WordPress, Magento, Node.JS) is strong.
In terms of programming languages, out of all the jobs shared in last 6 weeks on HasJob, we found 367 matching jobs for JavaScript versus just 17 for driver, 0 for C++, 8 for ASP. As a whole, web stack jobs outnumber the system programming jobs by 5 to 8 times.
So, how do you think it affects you? Would love to know your thoughts!

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