What is ‘Verification’ and Why it is important?

Your time spent on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will inevitably lead you to find an account with a blue tick beside it. This probably means that the account has been verified as authentic one by these Social Media giants. A website named as Pinterest will soon follow suit, since even they might opt for taking the time to verify accounts.


Verified accounts on social media are largely only granted to public figures and for popular brands. This verification is necessary in order to prevent fraud, and to protect the integrity of the person, company, or corporation whose name is being used. This is the Internet we’re talking about here. People make outrageous claims every day, and are believed, trusted while they hide behind the anonymity of the Web. That verified tick is a symbol of authenticity which is a weapon against a numerous fake people.
For instance, just imagine that you are a fan of a certain celebrity. That certain celebrity has tons of fan pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but one page false claims to be the personal page of this celebrity.
This happens. Very often than you are aware of. As you can imagine, there are other cruel exchanges taking place online, as well. By authenticating, it proves that the owner of an account is either the actual individual or a legal representative of the person whose name is on the specific account, is performing a service to the fan, and to the public figure.



This service is entirely discretionary on the part of the social media provider. There are no official channels by which authentication is granted. Usually, a public figure or national brand must acquire a significant number of followers to be considered for the checkmark. They also need to have an official website associated with their social media account.
Some public figures usually plead for the seal of authenticity.


Let’s face it, this is all about branding. Whether you are a major celebrity or just a rising blogger, protecting your good name on the internet should be utmost important to you. You may never have the number of followers on social media to warrant that precious blue tick, but even a handful of followers means that you matter to them, as they matter to you. Pay attention to them, and be vigilant about what is being said about you and your business on social media.

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