Why does one require a Wikipedia Page?

The most important reason to have a page on Wikipedia is that it improves your reputation and credibility.
Wikipedia is an online collaborative encyclopedia. It does not hire content writers to create posts, like other typical encyclopedia’s do. It is an open source site, if used correctly it can be an effective online marketing tool for your business or personal branding.
Today’s generation, especially young ones, often research before they convinced about some kind of independent verification of your existence. This is especially true since fake profiles and Fan Pages are wary of scams, and having a well-made Wikipedia page will help to convince them that you’re a legitimate.
In the same vein, lacking a page suggests that you’re either not notable or have something to hide and would you want to buy from a company you didn’t think you could trust?
Using Wikipedia also helps to enhance your visibility by providing a solid, reliable result towards the top of organic searches. Ideally, visitors will first be offered link to your home page, but there can actually be value in having a link to your Wikipedia page right below.
This offers further information to customers who want it and the page itself. Once on Wikipedia, can be linked to by other pages on related topics. You aren’t limited to just your own page.
In sync with these, using Wikipedia can help boost your search engine results. Wikipedia is considered a high-authority site, and having proper links from it to your website can help raise your own status on the web. It also helps to suggest that your website is the most relevant on a given topic – always a plus.
Finally, as a result of all of the above, using Wikipedia for business can help you grow your sales and improve your company. In many cases, this comes about when people first examine you on Wikipedia, then follow a link to your website and ultimately end up deciding to purchase your product.
Wow, those are some nice benefits, aren’t they? Now, Let’s make that page!

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